Motherhood: Mason at 3 Months!

July 22, 2016

Friends, being a mom is a sweet, sweet blessing. But the days pass ever so quickly leaving you to wonder if it is a blessing or a curse. Watching as they start to recognize your face, laugh at your silly dance moves and hold on to your hands as they fade off into an alternate world of blissful dreaming, those are moments that you will never get back.

It is amazing to think that I am a mommy to a 3 month old little giggle monster. That the boy of my dreams is holding his head up, sleeping through the night and kicking his feet around at bath time. He is growing, and I'm growing more and more in love with him every day.

Eating: Mason is eating straight from the source and does not stray, he is eating at more structured pace now... and does not cluster feed like he use too. He is on a few meals a day, but doesn't mind a snack time when we are just having some mommy and me time. (He also enjoys a nice finger snack, but who wouldn't).

Sleeping: The sleep schedule is prime. He turns in around 7:30-7:45 PM, wakes around 10:00 PM for what I like to call a "reassurance" feeding that lasts all of 2 minutes, then proceeds to sleep until about 5:45 AM- 6:00 AM. He will nap throughout the day, typically with one 3 hour nap, and a few 30 minute naps here and there.

Doing: What isn't he doing? He moves around like a mad man! Loves to catch some Pokemon with mom, loves spending his Monday's - Friday's with mom 100% and is loving to suck on his hands and feet.

Wearing: Mase is still wearing 0-3, every so often I will put him in a solid 3, but it tends to still be a little big. I love the Aden and Anais brand, if I could have every single piece of this clothing for Mae, I would jump to the moon.

Biggest Milestone:  He found his feet, I know this is little, but, the smile that comes across his face when he is holding them and swinging around is probably the cutest thing.

Favorite Thing: When he wakes up from nap and and just wants to spend the next 30 minutes cuddling, as still as possible... allowing me to give kiss after kiss to his head until he falls back to sleep for a little bit.

Sweetest Thing He Does: He squeaks when he gets excited, and when I say "Mommy loves you!" he gets a big, big grin and starts giggling.

Favorite Part about This age: He is still in a really good routine and still lets me give him sweet baths and thinks I am the best thing in the world. It really is a dream.

Current Items I can't live without to survive motherhood: His bonnet from Noble Carriage (next up is the billie bloomers), his Aden swaddle blankets and bath water!

Natural MUM: Beautycounter Skincare Review

June 26, 2016

Being a first time mom with so much on my plate, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about adding something to my daily routine. Beautycounter, with the help from my friend and Consultant Lauren, showed me that this is an important step that everyday soap can't conquer. This is something that makes me feel and look good.

Ever since becoming a mom, I think like many others, you really start to value what you are putting in and on yours and your babies bodies. You want to live the best life you can and that means putting in the effort to find what works best for you both. There were some products that I really loved and some that I could do without solely for not having enough cabinet space, because lets face it... there are never too many beauty and skincare products.

Sweet Lauren sent me the Essentials Collection, The Baby Bundle and The Charcoal Bar. All items that I would have personally purchased simply from the outstanding reviews and product descriptions. 

I have always had great skin, its not really been something that I have had to stress over as many of my friends and family have had too. I have had a simple regimen of washing my face nightly with a face wipe, rinsing with my Clearsonic and heading off to bed. There have been a few occasions where I forget the washing process all together, but this is rare as I can't stand a makeup stained pillow.  But since getting pregnant, my skin went dull and dry, I also had an unexpected wave of bumps that appeared on my arm the last week of pregnancy that did not fade until a week following my Beautycounter product arrival. 

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar: This bar was nothing like I thought it would be, I am currently using Dr. Brite's charcoal toothpaste and it does not lather which I prefer, I expected the bar to act the same but maybe make my face feel a little dry. It does just the opposite... The bar allows my face to get naturally clean without feeling dried out and also ended up making my dull skin brighter! I will definitely be buying this in bulk but will also be trying the Purifying Charcoal Mask.

The Baby Bundle Collection: I am very selective when using products on baby Mase simply because there is nothing worse than a baby breakout since they can't express what is wrong just yet, other than with tears and sleepiness. The Soothing Oil is probably my favorite of all the items since I still only wash sweet Mason a few times a week but I use the oil about once a day... until I ran out. All of the products are super sensitive and Mason didn't seem bothered by any of it so I believe it was a blessing!

The Essentials Collection: The Routine Clean soap was mostly used at night for me. I replaced my Clearsonic soap with this and it has made my skin so, so smooth. The creams replaced my everyday face lotion + The Eye Cream has actually been used as my eye primer and I don't think I could use anything else now! 

Pros to Beautycounter: 
- All of the products are programed to work together. Much like using Neutrogena, Rodan + Fields, Proactive, Covergirl... when you use products that are of the same brand they are bound to work better. This has the major advantage because it's all natural, safe for mom and baby while also being safe for sensitive skin.

- The products are selected specifically for you and your skin type. By working with a Consultant you are allowed the opportunity to find products that work for you... from someone who knows and cares about you and the value of your skin. 

Cons to Beautycounter:
- This is yet to be an in-store product (though I hear they may be heading to Target)... shh... with that being said, you order your products online or through a consultant. Making you be a planner and you cannot wait until you're on your last drop of cleanser before ordering since you cannot run out at the last minute and get it.*

*For me, this is a pro... I enjoy being an online shopper rather than having to go to the store at the last minute.

Have you tried any Beautycounter Makeup products? Share in the comments below, that is my next splurge! Excited to keep trying, loving and sharing Beautycounters natural beauty + skincare products! 

Looking to try Beautycounter and make it a part of your daily routine? Lauren Allen is your girl and you can find her store at the link below: 

Fatherhood Favorites

June 19, 2016

Growing up my idea of fatherhood was filled with lectures, life lessons, and camaraderie either through sports or hunting/fishing. That is of course, because that was a perfect description of my father. 

To this day, after 25 years, each of those aspects are still alive and very well. Lectures and life lessons are common occurrences during conversation with him. Both my mom and wife would tell you that a conversation not based on one of these characteristics is pretty hard to come by. But I've come to realize after all this time, that these conversations were always from the heart because as an individual we can never stop learning. And it only made me wish that I had listened a little more during my early teenage years when I wanted to sleep and play video games rather than work on the truck or dig a drainage ditch around the house for runoff water. Although, for the most part I did the work (not without complaint) and I'm glad that I did. I'd much rather rely on myself to do the work than pay someone else an arm and a leg to do it for me. Saving money and learning new trades whenever you can, another one of dad's life lessons.

Then there was my dad, the coach on the t-ball team and all the way through little league. Even throwing the ball in the front yard with me when I met him in the driveway with a glove the minute he got home from work every day. My biggest fan, next to my mom of course, at each of my sporting events from baseball to basketball and all the way down to my two years of tennis. Finding whatever chance he could to be at every one of my games, even when he was dog-tired from working the graveyard shift at the plant. Speaking of being dog-tired, he still found a way to take me hunting and fishing and to teach me about the great outdoors every chance he could. Granted I'm sure this great escape was just as much for him as it was finding a hobby that we could bond with. A bond, that allows me to hold the title of "I still caught the bigger fish", which he is reminded of each time he looks above the fireplace at the lake house. Don't worry dad one day you'll get there, but then I'll just catch a bigger one again!

So now here we are, 25 years old, and it's my first Father's Day with a son of my own. And although I was scared to death when I found out I would soon be a father, I knew I had a great teacher to fall back on when I needed help. Not to mention, Mason is going to have one heck of a time fishing and hunting with his PawPaw. He'll also get to learn all those same life lessons I learned growing up, twice over, since I'll be reiterating what PawPaw teaches him. In Mason's two short months he's already grown so much and learned so many new things. I hope that one day he has the same love for sports and the outdoors that I do, but regardless I hope he is able to find and do whatever makes him happy. I know that being there and putting forth the effort is the most important part of being a dad and my solemn swear is to always give him 110%.

So for my first Father's Day, instead of celebrating myself, I want to say thanks to my dad for all of the sacrifices he made for me and all the time he spent making sure I was ready for this day!
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