My Name is Shelbi, I am the writer, designer and idea MAKER, because thats a thing, for Sincerely, Shelbi. I am based in Rockwall, Texas, a smaller town outside of Dallas that is across a really long bridge that is always bound to cause a traffic jam. But who doesn't love traffic, stop by!

I am an overly organized, OCD loser with zero experience in blogging, interior design, motherhood and styling but for some reason people in my life keep telling me I have an "eye for design", I checked the mirror and only saw the two eyes the Big Man blessed me with so... it must be like Jack Black in Shallow Hal and they are the only ones who can see it. I have often been told I should be a creator, designer or decorator so I thought, what the f...

When I started this blog, I was working as a receptionist, if you could even call it that... the phone NEVER rang, for a boss who thought I was completely incompetent and the only thing I could amount to, was a second grade teacher. Let that sink in, I must have been a really hard worker because a teacher, none the less a teacher that teaches children who are that young, is not a job for the faint of heart. So, I started this blog and assumed it would eventually fall into the category of things that I have started and not finished. It is a lengthy and distinguished list because I am a professional, I am disciplined and... squirrel.

So I told my husband about it, I posted a few things to Facebook and here I am. I am no genius, my motherhood skills range from Momma loves you big to go to your room, no you can't drink the dog water. My decorating skills scream, I came from HomeGoods and kind of look like that one thing I saw on Pinterest that one time. And my styling well, I like to call it minimalistic, because well... lets be honest I like what I like, and everything looks the same.

Six years later, I am still here with a larger size of jeans, a few great readers and a place to vent when my husband asks whats for dinner?



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